Singing Stones — eine Klanginstallation.

Singing Stones is a 4 channel sound installation created on location at Ponta do Sol for Madeira Micro International Film Festival. Five individual works have been created from the same source sounds using field recordings made in and around Madeira.

Speakers have been specifically installed in unconventional playback situations and hidden from public view at three locations embedded within the architecture of the 1930´s Cine Sol building – an old cinema that nowadays only is used for the film festival. Working with the reflections of the surrounding architecture resulted in a diffused sound that is not just something to listen to but something to be immersed in.

Inspired by the singing stones from Antonioni’s ›The Red Desert‹ and the ocean as a living consciousness as depicted in Tarkovsky’s ›Solaris‹ the project is exploring the ocean (and its wind, tides, and surrounding nature) as an ubiquitous ambience and meter of time. Focus is on the perceptual experience of time passing as narrated by the ocean. Referencing the narrative form in cinema we would like to present a real time sonic cinema.


Jacob Eriksen / Lukas Grundmann / Jasmine Guffond / Gregor Pfeffer / Martyna Poznańska


© Lucia Graf
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